i have a hate/hate relationship with linux. which is to say, i hate it. not the relationship, the linux. well the relationship too, actually. just kidding. i'm trying to be funny. i'm really a mac osx guy, but i installed suse 7.1 on x86 hardware a few years ago, then that box died and i got a cheap mac to replace it's server functions. my interest in linux has been renewed by http://www.asterisk.org - http://www.voip-info.org - http://freeworlddialup.com hey i know some of you nolug people. shout outs to: Mischa, Judson, Chris & Joey. maybe i'll see y'all at a meeting soon. if you want to read an anagram poem of my name go to: http://www.SimonDorfman.com this may become an actual website with content someday… or not.