Well I have been gone for a while...I had to change my email address and then the hurricane came. So I have been really busy with work for a while. My wife and kids are doing good, I know that a few of you met Chase a while back. I have since gotten an IBM Thinkpad r51 model, and am running suse 10.0 on it. I am now running Edubuntu on my tower. I am involved with quite a few web forums devoted to Linux. http://OpenSuse.us - I am an administrator here.
http://usalug.org - this was the first forum I joined. Very helpful place.
http://bashscripts.org - Forum dedicated to sharing and coordinating bash scripts.
http://ulteo.com - This is Gael Duval's new project. Gael was the creator of Mandrake. I am an administrator here too.