I'm an MCSE/MCDBA and primarily use Windows at work (who doesn't) but also know my way around Linux pretty well. I enjoy trying new distributions, and therefore have ran most of the popular distros, and know a lot of the differences (strengths/weaknesses) of each one. Personally, I'm a big fan of Gentoo, and also occassionally use Fedora. Ubuntu is also starting to really take off, and I highly reccommend that one to Linux newbies, as it provides a good starting point, and makes it very easy to customize. I work as a system engineer for a small IT consulting firm, and enjoy it quite a bit. While in Dallas after the hurricane, I became active in the North Texas LUG, but I have been back for a few months now, and now that this LUG is showing some activity, I'll become active here as well. See you guys at the next meeting.

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