This page is a service of the New Orleans Linux Users Group. If you're looking for work in the New Orleans and surrounding area, this is a great place to post a link to your resume.

2008-01-15: Mudbug Media is an established New Orleans based web development firm. We are searching for full-time and intern programers to develop small to medium-sized web-based applications with well documented, patterned, and easily maintainable code. Job requires strong skills and previous experience with creating standards-compliant web based applications with Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP; experience with ASP, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails is a plus. Please send resume to

Chris Johnston - Seeking a full-time/part-time tech support position. I have experience with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. I've been learning Linux using Ubuntu 7.04. I will be returning to UNO in the Spring of 08 as a Computer Science major.

Patrick Haig - Looking for tech work in the New Orleans area. I have worked as a systems technician and general customer support personnel for a Florida ISP for 2 years. Also as an independent consultant and again as a systems administrator for a startup finance company. I have experience with Cisco, Linux, and MS server. I also have over 8 years experience in computer hardware. Please contact "paddyhaig at"

JeffHendricks - I got a full-time contract job! I am more than willing to continue to offer my services as a computer builder, however. If you're interested in building something out-of-the-ordinary, I can help!

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