Have an idea for a NOLUG topic? Post it here. Ditto if you want to volunteer to speak on a particular subject.

Future events

  • NOLUG topic suggestions by ChrisJohnston:
  • Creating a home network tying together Linux, Windows, and Mac machines.
  • Webhosting and remote adminstration of a Linux server
  • Remotely accessing a Linux box at home/work that has a dynamic IP address (i.e. Cox, BellSouth, or Charter).
  • NOLUG.ORG overhaul suggestion by Trey Fox. Let's make the changes to our site at a meeting. This way we can all be a part of it, and learn about wikis in general.
  • NOLUG topic suggestion by ChrisJones: Two things I'd like to see demonstrated, is how to set up Beowulf clusters, also how to use the xwindow server on one linux box, to be the display for another linux box. Basically the linux counterpart to something like RDP or VNC. NOTE: suggestion #2 was done back in June 2004... see http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Remote-X-Apps.htmlJoeyKelly