These are my reflections on RedHat. — JoeyKelly

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How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways...

  • up2date — requires a subcription: paid or nagware, this practice encourages users to run insecure Linux boxes (remember when RedHate shipped with every service under the sun running by default?), aside from being a royal pain in the butt.
  • Red Hat Network — why is Redhate tracking my boxen? What I install and when I update is none of their concern.
  • BlueCurve — need I say more?
  • Fedora — What's all this about desupporting everything, dumping their userbase (pawning Fedora off on us instead), and strictly going for enterprise customers? And is the user community going to do all the work while RH Enterprise gets all the glory?

I'll add my 2 cents... — DarrylDunnaway

  • Every hosting company under the sun runs RedHate – Why? It's too bleeding edge for a server environment.
  • BLOATWARE – Why use a BLOATED RedHat when you can use a Linux Distro that really works. Use Slackware instead. If I wanted to use BLOATED software, I would use Windows.
  • RedHat can no longer be realistically run on a very old computer - Not without being really slow. However, Slack runs just fine on the same hardware.
  • Fedora – Let's foster all our beta testing off for our RH Enterprise on unsuspecting new Linux users. This way we can keep the mass of new computer users hooked on Winblows, instead of learning how to really use a computer...and I can keep getting phone calls at 10pm from newbs asking..."How can I do this?" or "My computer won't boot..."
  • I don't have to have a reason to hate Redhat...I just do.

Another opinion...

I guess I dont know enough yet to hate the RedHat. I will learn though and that sounds logical about the bloatware. I am open to running anything Linux.I did run CollegeLinux for about 3 months, it's based off of slackware. — DavidCox

oh boy, I better duck now....but just hear me out first k —rado


Wow...I feel kinda sheepish here as I am brand new to Nolug but, geez, rh is in my heart. Hold on now and let me explain...back in 7.3-then 8.0 days...when it was FREE...I thought it was the way to go on the linux scene..why? It was the most popular and more written bout it and for it. As a gringo, well ya, more support for what I was gettin into. away for bout a year...when I got back into it, humm went to upgrade and it was all fedora...rh wanted I went the fedora route...

I was pissed bout it as y'all are but then, I discoved a couple things:

1. I did not want to leave the rh way of doing things and learn this disto and that and that other one.

2. I did not like the longivity of fedora at all!!!!

3. I learned that, ya, you wanna be big rh man and flaunt your money go buy it..that ain't me but!!!...rh charges you for the disto and the support thang but the source code is in the open source.

4. Here we go! rh comes out w/new release k...2 weeks later my disto comes out. it's full blown Rhel all the bells and whistles and stability of rh w/out the price tag. A msglist and irc that won't quit...ya got it all but fone spt. All that is really done is that the redhat logos etc are stripped out and my awesome distro is's Centos! Right now we running Centos of yesterday/today...2 weeks ago rhel 4.4 came til bout 2011.

I say no more...I won't get into any contest of which disto is best bla bla..redhat is all I know and I am too info-overloaded and don't have time or desire to explore any other distos.

Never any intentions to offend anyone w/all this but was just hard not to say something considering what I wrote above. John Rose